Double flop

Flop is one of the cutest and funniest things that bunnies do. It is a small jump to a relaxed position on bunny’s side.
Ruddy and Buddy are great performers of flops. They usually flop when they have to take a break from running and jumping or when they need to save all the energy for food processing :) And, of course, when they want to take a nap and relax. In the afternoon, when bunnies are the least active, I see Ruddy and Buddy flopping all the time.

By watching my bunnies, I figured out some basic rules of flops. Bunny has to feel safe – that’s the most important. Before the actual flop, bunny checks the place where he’s going to fall over. He makes sure there are no obstacles on the floor – although, as I found out, other bunny lying close by is not considered any problem :) I saw my bunnies flopping on each other’s head without any concern.

This video features flops of both Ruddy and Buddy and it also shows some of the rules I’ve mentioned. Enjoy!