Litter box

Before we adopted Ruddy and Buddy, I didn’t know that bunnies can be litter box trained. I expected that indoor rabbits live in a pen and poop everywhere inside it. I was prepared to clean their living area as often as it would be needed although I couldn’t quite imagine how much work and time that would take.
Then I found out that bunnies can be trained to use the litter box both for peeing and pooping. They like to keep their space clean and after spaying/neutering they have no need to mark their territory. Ruddy and Buddy were already trained by their foster mom how to use their toilets. For us, that was one important unexpected advantage which helped us decide for their adoption.

The way I prepare litter boxes for Ruddy and Buddy is explained in the pictures. Some people don’t put hay in the litter box but I found out, that for my bunnies, this works best. The hay in their litter boxes is not the only hay they can eat. During the day, when Ruddy and Buddy run loose in the apartment, they have a wicker basket full of hay in their “dining” area.