A grooming time

One of the favorite activities of Ruddy and Buddy is grooming each other. Grooming starts by presenting one bunny to the other one. When Ruddy presents himself to Buddy, he lowers his head and puts it under Buddy’s chin. Buddy then starts licking Ruddy’s face and ears. Watching bunnies grooming each other always makes us saying “Ooh” because it is just so cute.

Sometimes, both bunnies want to be groomed at the same time. That’s when the real fun begins. Buddy presents himself to Ruddy so Ruddy licks Buddy’s face a couple of times. Then Ruddy pushes his head under Buddy’s chin and Buddy has no choice than start licking Ruddy. It looks like bunnies are playing a game: “And now, it’s your turn.”

This game usually ends when one bunny decides that he is tired of grooming so he breaks the chain of presenting and grooming :)


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