Double flop

Flop is one of the cutest and funniest things that bunnies do. It is a small jump to a relaxed position on bunny’s side.
Ruddy and Buddy are great performers of flops. They usually flop when they have to take a break from running and jumping or when they need to save all the energy for food processing :) And, of course, when they want to take a nap and relax. In the afternoon, when bunnies are the least active, I see Ruddy and Buddy flopping all the time.

By watching my bunnies, I figured out some basic rules of flops. Bunny has to feel safe – that’s the most important. Before the actual flop, bunny checks the place where he’s going to fall over. He makes sure there are no obstacles on the floor – although, as I found out, other bunny lying close by is not considered any problem :) I saw my bunnies flopping on each other’s head without any concern.

This video features flops of both Ruddy and Buddy and it also shows some of the rules I’ve mentioned. Enjoy!


This banana is mine!

Our bunnies love banana. It is definitely their favorite treat. Wherever in the apartment they are, when they smell banana, they will run to me and beg for it :)
I give them just a very small piece of banana. Since it is so scarce and yummy, they don’t like to share it with anybody.

This video shows how Buddy wants his banana only for himself.

Although Ruddy looks as he didn’t get his piece of banana, it is not true. He had his one before Buddy. Here is the proof :)

Litter box

Before we adopted Ruddy and Buddy, I didn’t know that bunnies can be litter box trained. I expected that indoor rabbits live in a pen and poop everywhere inside it. I was prepared to clean their living area as often as it would be needed although I couldn’t quite imagine how much work and time that would take.
Then I found out that bunnies can be trained to use the litter box both for peeing and pooping. They like to keep their space clean and after spaying/neutering they have no need to mark their territory. Ruddy and Buddy were already trained by their foster mom how to use their toilets. For us, that was one important unexpected advantage which helped us decide for their adoption.

The way I prepare litter boxes for Ruddy and Buddy is explained in the pictures. Some people don’t put hay in the litter box but I found out, that for my bunnies, this works best. The hay in their litter boxes is not the only hay they can eat. During the day, when Ruddy and Buddy run loose in the apartment, they have a wicker basket full of hay in their “dining” area.

A grooming time

One of the favorite activities of Ruddy and Buddy is grooming each other. Grooming starts by presenting one bunny to the other one. When Ruddy presents himself to Buddy, he lowers his head and puts it under Buddy’s chin. Buddy then starts licking Ruddy’s face and ears. Watching bunnies grooming each other always makes us saying “Ooh” because it is just so cute.

Sometimes, both bunnies want to be groomed at the same time. That’s when the real fun begins. Buddy presents himself to Ruddy so Ruddy licks Buddy’s face a couple of times. Then Ruddy pushes his head under Buddy’s chin and Buddy has no choice than start licking Ruddy. It looks like bunnies are playing a game: “And now, it’s your turn.”

This game usually ends when one bunny decides that he is tired of grooming so he breaks the chain of presenting and grooming :)