How the story began :)

This is the first picture of our bunnies taken shortly after we brought them home.
I immediately named the white one Buddy and after a while I found a perfect name – Ruddy – for the brown one.

We adopted our bunnies from an organization called The Rabbit Haven.

I don’t really remember how it all started. I guess I wanted to have a pet so I did a research. I remember spending a lot of time reading about bunnies; how to take care of them and what to expect from pet rabbits. I concluded that maybe bunnies were the best for us. Than I searched for places where you can get a bunny and found The Rabbit Haven website. When I saw pictures of bunnies available for adoption in their Adoption Showcase, my desire to have a bunny got stronger. And one day, I just decided that I wanted to get to see bunnies, pet them and hold them in my arms. We had a chance to spend couple of hours around different pairs of bunnies and we both fell in love with these two. So, we brought them home and that’s how the real story began :) It’s really a life changing experience. They are our lovely little companions who brought a lot of fun, joy and love to our home.


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