Ears, ears, ears

Ears are one of the most important parts of a rabbit’s body. They are radars that are scanning all the sounds and informing about potential dangers. When there is anything new in the apartment, Ruddy and Buddy approach it with their ears pointed forward. We call this approach “Ears first” :)
It’s also very funny to see how they turn their ears towards the sound. When bunnies hear a noise, they just raise one of their ears to find out whether everything is safe. Why should they get up from the relaxed position when they have those two radars always at their disposal?


When Buddy is dreaming

It is rare to see a bunny in his deep sleep. Rabbits are prey animals, so they always need to be aware of their surroundings. Bunny has to feel very safe or be very tired to close his eyes and forget about the world around him. Our Buddy knows how to relax. I see him enjoying his nap much more often than Ruddy.

Today’s video captures Buddy’s REM (rapid eye movement). I saw him in this stage of sleep couple of times. It always lasts just a minute or so. Not only his eyes are moving, but also his ears, nose, mouth, tail and legs.
In this video, you can see how it looks when Buddy is dreaming. My guess is, he dreams about something truly yummy, like a banana (especially at 0:58 :)

Introducing Buddy

Buddy is a bunny who loves to relax. When he eats his hay or veggies, nothing can disturb him. After he’s finished with eating, he finds a good spot and flops on his side. When he feels safe, he even closes his eyes and sleeps deeply. Buddy doesn’t get scared of new sounds or things as easily as Ruddy.  He is the brave one who usually tries new things first. As I found out recently, our floor tiles are no longer slippery for Buddy :) He is the one that hops on them especially when he sees a box of hay there.

Introducing Ruddy

Ruddy is a bunny who loves to be petted. When I want to pet him, I approach him from the front so he can see me. He shows his approval by backing up a little bit and lowering his head. That’s his way to let me know “OK, I’m ready, you can stroke me” :) This is also one of the reasons why we adopted him. Not every bunny loves human touch. But we wanted to have a pet that we could actually pet. And as you can see in the video, this bunny really enjoys it.

Eating pellets

Ruddy & Buddy eat small amount of pellets twice a day. We use pellets also as a treat. When we want to get Ruddy and Buddy to their X-pen for the night, we give them their evening pellets. Our bunnies will run fast from wherever they are in the apartment to enjoy them.

How the story began :)

This is the first picture of our bunnies taken shortly after we brought them home.
I immediately named the white one Buddy and after a while I found a perfect name – Ruddy – for the brown one.

We adopted our bunnies from an organization called The Rabbit Haven.

I don’t really remember how it all started. I guess I wanted to have a pet so I did a research. I remember spending a lot of time reading about bunnies; how to take care of them and what to expect from pet rabbits. I concluded that maybe bunnies were the best for us. Than I searched for places where you can get a bunny and found The Rabbit Haven website. When I saw pictures of bunnies available for adoption in their Adoption Showcase, my desire to have a bunny got stronger. And one day, I just decided that I wanted to get to see bunnies, pet them and hold them in my arms. We had a chance to spend couple of hours around different pairs of bunnies and we both fell in love with these two. So, we brought them home and that’s how the real story began :) It’s really a life changing experience. They are our lovely little companions who brought a lot of fun, joy and love to our home.